How to check compatibility test in IE 11 using browserstack for free

Sometime you might have encountered a client who check outdated IE 11 compatibilty issues.

Its very hard to test compatibility test for IE 11 especially when it comes to mac users. There are lot of paid solutions out there. But now I’ll show you how to use the hidden features for browserstack and IE Edge to test and fix browser compatibility issues for free.

BrowserStack provides free unlimited(3 Months) check for IE Edge instance in partnership with microsoft without using any credit card or any payment. Thats all we need. Lets start.

Here are the simple steps to achieve that,

Step 1: Signup a free trial account in browserstack and then take dashboard of BS, and choose IE Edge free testing option

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots located on the right side of Edge Browser

Step 3: Click on more tools -> then click Open with Internet Explorer

Step 4: Thats it. there are no more steps, you can start using IE 11 or any IE version from developer tools.

IE 11 With developer tools in BrowserStack in free version

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